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Animal Protection values your privacy and all donations will be kept confidential. We do not share and publicize any donations, unless the donator wants their name on Animal Protection. It does not matter to us who you are. It matters that you want to help the thousands of dogs and cats who walk in the streets daily looking for food and water.

With your donations we can take these animals from the streets. We can clean them, we can vaccinate them and retrain them when necessary. All until someone adopts this dog or cat. In the meantime, while they are at our shelter, they will receive proper and more important loving care. Most of these animals were abandoned by their owners. As you understand, this takes money. Therefor every donation counts small or big. It’s not that much to ask, in order to save a animal’s life.

A remainder of the donations Animal Protection receives will be parked for our newer projects. We are planning, depending on the donations we receive, to build shelters in Spain and Romania. As these countries are currently “plagued” by so-called street animals. In order to realise this, we need several donations. And, if all goes well, we can open hopefully our first new shelter abroad late 2018 or early 2019. Thank you!

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Since we launched the original website in early 2016 we received numerous donations from various people. Some donated handsomely, other small amounts. The amount does not matter, but the count does. We recently launched our completely new website with a easier and better name, but the thought behind everything remains the same. We will help any kind of animal in need, but our main focus are the dogs and cats which are daily on the street; without food, water and medical attention.

We are hopinh that 2018 will bring more donations and we finally can expand and build specialisted shelters in Spain and Romania with vetinary care. In both countries the streets are literally swamped with cats and dogs. It won’t take long before governments will take “action” against these poor animals without a home, without food, without water and without any kind of medical care. As a matter of fact; recently in Romania a law was (luckily) turned down to “justify” killing (street) dogs. As you can understand for yourself; we are really in need of donations (and volunteers ofcourse) so we can make a change.