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Are animals at Animal Protection shelter healthy?

Pets adopted from Animal Protection are always healthy. Most organizations, like Animal Protection, nowaday employ trained specialists to evaluate the condition of each animal upon arrival. Ill animals receive appropriate treatment for their ailments. Furthermore, most shelters, like Animal Protection, keep animals current on their vaccinations, and often spay or neuter pets before adoption.

Though all animals at Animal Protection are checked and double checked, it’s always wise to mkae an appointment with your family veterinarian. Then, you should spay or neuter your pet–there are many associated health and behavioral benefits. Next, familiarize yourself with conditions associated with your animal’s breed, even if your pet is a mix.

Be sure to take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year (more frequently if advised), and make sure they receive the proper vaccinations and health screens as recommended by your veterinarian. Care for your animal by providing a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Prepare financially for your pet’s care with a pet insurance plan, which is growing in popularity among many pet parents.