As you might have noticed there weren’t many updates as of late. Our sincere apologies about this.
Johannes Vaartmakers, the founding father of Animal Protection, received some very bad news about his health and therefor he has taken a “break” from all activities.

Furthermore; we were busy in acquiring a property in Spain, but the asking price is to steep for us. And because Johannes Vaartmakers has taken a break we, as a team decided, it’s not “worthwhile” at the moment to continue the negotiations.
Also, as a result of the news above, we will not be taking new shelter animals for the time being. Ofcourse all current animals will be taken care of with great passion and love. And those who are still available for adoption, can be adopted.

It still saddens me that we could not get the applied donation from Because with that necessary donation we would have acquired the much needed property in Spain for a new shelter.

We will have a few team meetings planned in the next couple of weeks/months to decide what to do for the future (of Animal Protection).
As soon as we have *any* kind of news, we will place this ofcourse on the website.

With kind regards,
Francien Ros