Every animal deserves a shot at a long, happy, and healthy life. Good people work hard every day to ensure that as many creatures as possible get this chance. One beautiful Pit Bull in particular was forced to grow up in a cramped, tiny cage that was far too small for his body. As a result, his legs and spine are severely deformed, and unfortunately, he was given the name “Gargoyle.”

Luckily, this little guy was rescued by the good folks of Second Chance Rescue after they received a plea from the Georgia shelter where he was being housed. Now the dog formerly known as “Gargoyle” has a new name, and a new shot at life! “With all the horror stories we have seen and shared this year, words like ‘heartbreaking’ don’t seem to mean much anymore,” the rescue group wrote on their Facebook page.

“It’s really sad, as we shouldn’t have to use them so often.” Emaciated and dwarfed, with a curved spine from the appalling conditions that he endured, the Pittie formerly known as “Gargoyle” has been renamed Landis. Thanks to Second Chance Rescue, he will be receiving ongoing orthopedic and veterinary treatment to help make his quality of life the best it can be. Hopefully Landis will soon find his forever home.

He is emaciated, his legs are basically folded in half, and his spine is curved. To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in and live in a small cage. Well, guess what, you’d be right!! Where do these monsters come from that walk among us?!